This site is built by two brothers in the hope of helping others find and experience all the incredible activities this state has to offer. The site is centered around a list of activities that can be filtered on various criteria – you can filter on as many things simulatenously as you’d like to help find the right adventure for you.

  • Activity: Type of activity between biking, hiking, paddling, fishing, driving, or skiing. There are certain activities that can be done via multiple means such doing a trail via bike or hike. The “tour” category assumes that you will need a guide and it will cost some money.
  • Area: These area designations tries to split the state into 6 very broad areas. You can see the name of the closest major city in the title of each post to get a better feel for where specifically that activity starts.
  • Rating: 1 representing the top 20 of all activities, 2 representing amazing experiences that are worthy of building a trip around, 3 representing great experiences worth checking out, and 4 representing fun experiences to fit in as side trips or over time.
  • Season: Fairly self explanatory. Summer generally spans May to October, and Winter spans November to April. Many of these activities can be enjoyed in summer or winter.
  • Time: Few hours generally means 4 hours or less, full day means 4+ hours, and weekend implies that it’s worth spending multiple days to do this properly.

Beyond the filters, a few disclaimers worth highlighting:

  • This is not meant to be an all encompassing list of every activity in the state, but a balanced view of everything we’ve done so far. We will plan to add to this list as we live and experience more cool adventures in the state. If you’ve already done everything on this list, we recommend checking out other great sites such as Alaska.org to keep hunting for additional ideas.
  • The difficulty or time ratings on many of these posts are highly dependent on ability levels. If you’re new to the state or unsure of your abilities, start off with some of the Easy rated activities to slowly build up to the Harder stuff.
  • Many of these activities are inherently dangerous and involve going into the backcountry without guides. Make sure you’re aware of the risks and take the time to get fully prepared from protecting against wildlife, giving yourself enough food & shelter, and having a way to communicate if in an emergency. Some trips require route finding, so it’s worth having a GPS locator and locally downloaded maps (ex: via Alltrails).
  • We are incredibly lucky to live / visit this state and enjoy all that it has to offer with other people. Please be courteous of others when doing these activities by minimizing noise/music, picking up after yourself, giving right of way when possible, not feeding wildlife, and paying parking fees when appropriate.