Bike Hillside Trails, Anchorage

What: One of the best downhill set of trails in the state, located conviently in Anchorage.

When to go: The trails are great for both summer and winter riding. They’re less popular in winter since the condition of the trails can vary significantly deepending on how recently it has snowed and how well it has been packed down. In the summer however, these trails are incredible from May to September.

How to get there:
Trailforks link:


  • There are a few ways to experience the trail system – most people park at the base of the hillside trails by the hillside ski area, and then bike up one of the more mellow trails, and then drop down various steeper options. Alternatively, you can park at Prospect Heights parking lot near the top of the trail system and then ride back up at the end. Even better – you can set up a shuttle system with your friends to get in as many downhill loops as possible. For an extended shuttle option, drive all the way up to the Glenalps parking lot, then drop down powerline -> southfork rim -> hillside trail system.
  • Some of the blue and black trails are quite technical with big jumps, just make sure you take it slow & be prepared if doing it for the first time (but also be courteous to not blocking the trail for others).