Bike Kincaid Trails, Anchorage

What: One of the best single track trail systems in the state. Varying levels of difficulty from beginners to expert, with trails varying from meandering flowy trails to sections with large jumps.

When to go: Popular year round with mountain bikes in the summer time and fatbikes in the winter time.

How to get there: Can be accessed from multiple points in Kincaid park; most people start at either Jodhpur parking lot or Raspberry parking lot.
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  • One of the most versatile, accessible and popular trails is middle earth accessed from the Raspberry lot. You can take some of the expert off chutes from the main trail, or just ride the main trail. You can either go out and back, or take the trail all the way down to coastal trail and ride the coastal trail back to the raspberry parking lot.
  • Another versatile and popular route is the Bolling alley loop typically accessed via the Jodhpur parking lot.
  • Check facebook to make sure the trails are open in the summer – going during breakup season can badly damage the trails and require repair.
  • There can be plenty of bears and moose in the park so ride in groups, carry spray, make noise, etc.