Bike Spencer Glacier, Portage

What: One of the most spectacular fat bike rides near the portage area out the Spencer Glacier.

When to go: This is a very limited season at which enough snow has built up, but also hasn’t melted across various creek crossings. Typically lasts from mid Feb to early April.

How to get there:
This is usually the most popular place to start – from this parking lot, you’ll see a trail of snow machine tracks heading back towards the Spencer Valley.


  • This ride is roughly 13 miles each way; depending on the snow conditions this can be a very tough ride. However, the payoff is one of the best since you will get to see massive icebergs sticking out of a frozen lake and get to explore various glacial caves at the face of Spencer Glacier.
  • If you see an established snowmachine trail, it’s not too hard to follow that. Alternatively, look for the train tracks heading towards the Spencer Glacier – bikers often ride parallel to the tracks to avoid the snowmachine traffic.
  • If you don’t want to do this via bike, there are a few tour operators that offer the same experience via snowmachine. The snowmachine riding is not technical and a great ride for any user experience.
  • The glacial caves at the face of spencer glacier can vary significantly year on year; make sure you’re fully aware of the serious risks if deciding to go explore in there.