Tour the Matanuska Glacier, Palmer

What: One of the largest accessible glaciers in the state located near the town of Glacier View.

When to go: Worth checking out in both summer and winter time for totally different experiences.

How to get there:


  • You can either book a trip with a guide company, or book a trip with the people that own the land surrounding the glacier. Either way, you’ll have to drive by the visitor center and pay a fee to get in. It’s easy to walk up and explore the toe of the glacier/lake, but it’s really worth doing a tour to explore glacier caves (winter) or walk on top of the glacier (summer).
  • Even if you don’t visit the glacier face, there are many pullouts off the main highway to see the glacier. Another great way to see it is to hike the Lion’s head hike which will look down on the glacier extending way back towards its source ice field.