Visit Hope

What: A cute little town sitting on Turnagain arm across the bay from Girdwood/Anchorage. Plenty of activities including camping, hiking, biking, and eating.

When to go: Ideally accessed in the summer months between May and October.

How to get there:


  • The town itself is extremely tiny; there are a few cabins for rent, but the town is actually a great place to camp. You can camp either outside seaview cafe, at porcupine campground, or a few other pullouts along the various roads near Hope.
  • Hope offers some incredible hikes such as Hope Point, Gull Rock, or Palmer Lakes trail. You can also hike Resurrection Pass from here, but that’s a much longer hike/bike that requires good planning.
  • It’s definitely worth checking out the seaview cafe and surrounding area. On peak summer weekends, there will usually be a band playing and a ton of people in the area having a good time.