Tour Resurrection Bay, Seward

What: One of the prettiest places in the state starting from the town of Seward. There are many ways to explore Resurrection Bay from driving down to Miller’s landing, hiking to Caine’s head, or taking one of the many boat tours that run in the bay.

When to go: Ideally accessed in the summer months between May and October.

How to get there:


  • Arguably the best way to see Resurrection Bay is via boat. You have a few options here including taking one of the major boat tour companies that go explore Bear Glacier, Fox Island, or simply a whale watching tour around the bay. If you do any of the longer boat tours such as Aialik or Northwestern Glacier, you will also naturally get to see Resurrection Bay. The Fox Island tour is a nice way to stop and really soak in the bay.
  • Hiking to Caine’s head is a great alternative as well since you will get epic views looking down into the bay. Throw in a kayak to one of the beaches and you’ll really get to take in the bay in all its glory.
  • You can also drive to Miller’s Landing and just hang out at the beach and take in the views. There’s a good chance you’ll see otters, and sometimes even seals & whales.