Raft 6 Mile Whitewater, Hope

What: A series of class 4 and 5 rapids located near Hope – bucket list worthy item for the thrill seekers out there.

When to go: Ideally accessed during the peak summer months while these tours are being offered in June to September.

How to get there: Depending on the tour company you go with, you either meet at the raft drop in point, or at the company’s office.


  • There are two main operators that offer this tour – pick your operator based on price, convenience, availability, timing, etc.
  • The river is very cold; luckily, the tour company will provide you with full body dry suits and additional warm gear if needed.
  • The hardest part of the experience is the beginning where you have to swim across a river to prove that you can swim if needed. Through the rest of the trip, if you follow directions, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll stay in the raft and won’t need to swim.
  • The tour company has photographers on the shore line to capture your best moments – it’s worth paying this cost rather than try to take a camera yourself.