Go Halibut Fishing, Homer

What: Several deepsea fishing charter companies offering anywhere from half day to full day trips to catch halibut, rockfish, salmon, etc. Homer is especially known for Halibut, so it’s worth doing a halibut only/focused trip.

When to go: The fishing season typically runs between May and September.

How to get there: https://goo.gl/maps/KwSBWix6WqAZq7NK7


  • There are many many different charters that take you on a day long fishing trip; do your research on the ones with the best reviews, newest boats, and lowest people to boat ratio.
  • Most charters will include fileting your fish once you get back to shore; there are also packing companies who can then freezer pack your fish and even mail it to different places if you’d like.
  • As with any fishing trip, make sure you have your fishing license on you at all times.