Take a Boat Tour to Portage Glacier, Portage

What: An easy family friendly boat tour on Portage lake that takes you right up to the face of Portage glacier.

When to go: The tour only runs in the summer months typically between June and September. Total boat tour takes roughly 1 hour.

How to get there: https://goo.gl/maps/4ujD78rHoxri8s9L6 (where to buy the tickets)
Link to tour site: http://www.portageglaciercruises.com/


  • It can be quite a bit colder at the face of the glacier, so pack warm especially on a cold / overcast day.
  • During the summer months, be prepared for a packed boat with plenty of cruise ship passengers! Regardless, there is plenty of room on the top deck to have your own space to relax and take pictures.
  • The boat has restrooms and sells basic snacks/drinks on board.